Bolton College
Languages - European

We offer courses in French, German and Italian at a range of levels.

Feedback tells us our learners enjoy the varied, practical, fun classroom activities and the extra social and cultural events.

In the first year, Beginners Terms 1, 2 and 3, you learn enough to get by for holiday, family or work purposes. In subsequent years you develop your language skills and cultural knowledge. In each year, you have the option to take a national certificate; the skills you learn will in any case boost your employability.

Learners from throughout Greater Manchester value the experience of our staff and our facilities, in particular the virtual learning environment which reinforces and builds on in-class learning.

People learn languages for pleasure and to expand cultural horizons, or to keep the mind healthy and active. For some, it is the first step to a career in translating, interpreting or teaching, or to improve job prospects not only in international business and exports; in any field, communication is a vital skill. Not least, our students find our courses fun and make friendships that can last a lifetime.