Bolton College
Student Behaviour

Here at Bolton College we have several key policies and procedures in place, designed to promote a positive and comfortable learning environment for all.
Our code of conduct is aimed to ensure that students, staff and visitors to the College remain safe at all times and that students’ behavior is visibly clarified.
Our Code of Conduct states that:

  • We expect students to attend regularly and punctually and to notify the College of any absence immediately
  • We expect students to show respect to others regardless of their ethnic background, gender, age, religion or personal circumstance
  • We expect students to show respect for others’ property and to respect the College Environment
  • We expect students to work hard to achieve their goals
  • We expect students to uphold the College Policies
  • We expect all students to subscribe to high standards of behaviour
  • We expect students to take responsibility for their own learning and progression
  • We expect students to complete and hand in on-time, all work set
  • We expect students to seek help from College Staff if needed
  • We expect students to meet assessment and examination requirements
  • We expect students to take responsibility for their own and others’ health and safety

For further information on our policies and procedures, please read our Student handbook.

PDF icon 14-16 Student Handbook1.58 MB