Bolton College
Learning Resource Centres

Features of Bolton College's LRCs

There are a number of comfortable and contemporary Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) at Bolton College, here to support the needs of learners and staff by providing quality resources for independent or group study. 

The LRCs at Deane Road are among the most technologically advanced in the country, featuring:

  • Apple Mac computers
  • Interactive White Boards for use by students and staff
  • Overhead TVs to provide easy to read visual information
  • RFID self-check machines for book issues 
  • Self issue laptops that can be used anywhere in the building
  • State of the art printers and scanners

In all of the college LRCs, our staff are available to provide you with advice and support.  Bolton College are proud of the friendly, responsive, innovative and proactive service that we provide.

Out of college hours, the quality of learning support is excellent.

If you'd like to know more about the accessibility of our LRCs via Disabled Go:
Click here for information on the Deane Road LRC 
Click here for information on the Construction & Arts Block LRC

The Virtual Learning Environment

Moodle is an on-line gateway to all sorts of information about college courses.  Wherever or whenever you want to learn, you will find assignment details, tests, links to websites, videos and forums.  Through Moodle, Bolton College is able to support your learning even when you are not in the classroom. Many students find this to be a convenient and enjoyable way to learn.

The Library tab on Moodle allows you to access the library catalogue, e-books, e-magazines, and many specialist websites: You can also find information on how to book a computer, how to renew books online, library opening times and much more.

Technology - an exciting way to learn

Bolton College recognises the need to keep up-to-date with technology which is why we like to give you the edge in all learning experiences. You can read more about the equipment in use around the college on our Technology page.

We want your learning experience to be as interesting and as engaging as possible!