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German Intermediate Term 2

  • Overview of the course

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    So, Sie sprechen schon ein bisschen Deutsch!? Willkommen zu unserem Deutschkurs f?r die Mittelstufe! So you already speak some German!? Welcome to our German course for intermediate learners! This Intermediate German evening course is the follow-up from our German for Beginners. It runs over three terms that progressively build on one another and is aimed at learners who have done around 60 hours of formal learning, or those who can already get by in basic situations (Common European Framework of Reference level A1). You will learn new structures and vocabulary around different topics to extend your range of expression. You will build on and advance your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as cover the main points in German grammar. This course will enable you to communicate with more range and fluency, so you feel confident in most everyday situations with German native speakers. It will also broaden your understanding of the German culture and way of life.
    - Our course content is adapted to your needs
    - You will participate in hands-on activities
    - You will have access to additional eLearning resources to boost your success
    - Your tutor is experienced, friendly and encouraging, creating the supportive atmosphere that will help you build your confidence in speaking German.
  • What you'll learn

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    You will explore a range of topics, including the following:
    - Talk about events in the past
    - 24 hour clock and dates
    - Describe your daily routine
    - Recount a tale
    - Role play situations to help you cope with everyday life
    - Talk about events in the future
    - Examine the different word order in German sentences
    Each lesson is unique and covers one topic.
  • Entry requirements

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    - You should have already done Term 1, or learnt some German in the past. You will also need motivation; a friendly manner and willingness to work as part of a team, and do weekly homework; good attendance and punctuality. Bring writing materials. Your tutor will advise you which textbook to purchase.
  • How will I be assessed?

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    There is no formal exam; however our classroom activities are designed to assess and develop your skills: - Listening to audio clips and watching videos - Role-playing - Class room discussion - Pair and group work - Working on pronunciation, intonation and grammar. The lessons focus on language that is required in authentic situations, and your tutor will be on hand to support you throughout the course and to help you with any worries that you may have.
  • Is there anything else I need to know?

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    This course is the second part of a series of 3 courses that progressively build on one another. It can be studied independently if you already have some German, or as the beginning of further study to build on your existing elementary knowledge.
  • Who can I speak to about this course?

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    You can contact a member of the team via
  • I'm interested in this course, what do I need to do next?

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    If you are a new student, as this is Term 2 of a three term course you need to speak to a tutor before you can enrol.

    Tutor can be contacted via

    You can enrol by clicking on the yellow enrol button shown on the right or you can visit any of our Centres to enrol.

    Click here for our current enrolment times.
  • Course Fees

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    Tuition Fee: £165.00

    Click here to pay now via Ticketsource and secure your place.
    You will then enrol on your first day
  • Future opportunities

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    Having successfully completed German Intermediate Term 2, you can progress to German Intermediate Term 3.
  • Additional Information

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    All learners will complete an individual learning plan which will be discussed with their tutor throughout the course.


    You may not have to pay tuition fees at all, if you fall into one of the groups eligible for fee exemptions. If you feel you may be eligible or would like someone to explain course fees in more detail, please call our helpline on 01204 482 000.

    Adult Learners

    Adult learners (19+) must bring their qualification certificates with them to enrolment. Learners will not be able to enrol without this information. If you have lost any certificates please contact your school in the first instance. If they are unable to provide a copy, you can contact one of the following exam boards (your school will be able to tell you which one you need):
    If you are unable to provide certificates you will be asked to complete a self declaration form when you enrol.


    Our Helpline can provide you with general information regarding studying at Bolton College. We also offer advice and guidance meetings to help you decide your next move. Please call 01204 482 000.
    Lines are open :
    • during term time : Monday to Thursday between 8:45am and 7pm (5pm on Fridays)
    • out of term : Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm

    Bolton College endeavours to ensure that the information provided in this document is accurate. All courses are offered subject to student numbers and the College reserves the right to amend, withdraw or amalgamate any of the courses, fees, services, locations or facilities described at any time.

    Equalities Statement

    The College will treat all members of the community equally and will not favour any particular individual or group. English is our principal language but we will endeavour to provide information relating to this document in other formats and languages. If customers require this type of support they should contact email the Customer Services Manager at or alternatively call 01204 482 040 or visit us at Deane Road, Bolton, BL3 5BG.

    Safeguarding Statement

    Bolton College are committed to ensuring that learners have a right to feel safe wherever they learn, in the classroom on or online. If you have any personal safety or other worries, for example, feeling bullied; being made to feel uncomfortable or experiencing an inappropriate situation when you are attending college, please speak to the tutor, someone in the Learning Centre Reception or contact the College Safeguarding Team on 01204 482180 or 01204 482758.

    Enrolment Details

    To enrol at one of our Community Learning Centres or our main Deane Road Campus click here for enrolment times.
  • Disclaimer

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    Every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained within these course information sheets was accurate at the time of publishing.
    Bolton College is constantly evaluating its services to meet the needs of learners; therefore programmes/courses/Apprenticeships, resources and facilities may be subject to change without prior notice.
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  • Time:

    19:00 - 21:00
    2.00 (Hrs Per Week)

  • Duration:

    13 weeks

  • Venue:

    Deane Road Campus

  • Course Code: