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Work Experience - Employers

Work Experience

Bolton College supports employers and learners through short-term work experience (typically over two-weeks) and longer-term work placements (of 40-65 days).


Work placements make a real difference to someone’s working life.


They work for young people, who get the opportunity to participate in the world of work and gain valuable practical experience.


They work for employers, who see work experience as vital in providing a talent pipeline for their business. And they work for the wider economy and society, as it brings more people into work and out of long-term unemployment.


Practical Benefits

Apart from making a real difference to someone’s working life, offering work experience is beneficial for organisations for a number of reasons:


Recruitment opportunities: having work experience placements can introduce new ideas and open up access to a pool of talent in the local labour market that may not otherwise have been considered.


Work trials: employers get to see first-hand what sort of contribution a young person can make.


Staff development: supervising and coaching young people on work experience/placements offers an excellent opportunity to develop the management capabilities of existing employers, particularly those who may not normally have any line management responsibilities.


A more engaged workforce: providing work experience sends a positive message to the wider workforce about the values of the organisation, which can strengthen employee engagement.


Involvement in the local community: investors, customers and service users look more favourably on employers who play an active role in society. Work experience placements provide a valuable means of creating a positive image, where organisations address social issues related to unemployment in the community.


Contribution to economic development in the local area: by helping to tackle some of the issues around deprivation and youth unemployment.


How work experience works for young people and society

Work experience can have a hugely positive impact on young people’s employability and can play a significant role in attempts to reduce youth unemployment.


It can:

  • Break the vicious cycle that many young people find themselves in - where they can’t get a job because of lack of experience and can’t get experience because they can’t find a job.
  • Provide young people with an understanding of the structure and reality of working life, which is crucial if they are to secure and sustain employment.
  • Provide feedback and coaching enabling young people to develop skills, including those required in specific jobs and sectors.
  • Help young people to make informed choices about their futures and allow them to learn more about specific industries, organisational cultures and job roles.
  • Allow young people to gain experience of working with other people, enhancing their social and communication skills, and awareness of how to present themselves and behave in a work context.
  • Introduce young people to the recruitment process - including the application process and job interviews.
  • Provide a positive experience of the world of work that builds the young person’s confidence and motivation.
  • Help young people to develop their CVs and build a wider network of contacts.


We can help you to find the right student and also support any line-management staff who may be new to this role within your organisation. Bolton College students are assessed before coming to you to ensure they are of a suitable standard. All should be work-ready, studying on relevant level 2 or 3 courses and keen to find a work placement of up to 65days.


To discuss any aspect of work experience or work placements, please call Andrew on 01204 482 954 or email


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