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English & maths (Employability Skills)

We'll find the right level of course for you

We all need to use English and Maths more of the time - for that precious next job, to help children with homework or to challange that big electricity bill. 

With a range of courses from beginners up to GCSE level, we can help you to improve you English and Maths skills and acheive new goals. We'll advise on the right course options for you and give you the confidence you need to progress. 

Not sure where to start?

Come along to our FREE 'Improve Your English' and 'Improve Your Maths' sessions, which you can enrole on at your local community learning centre. These are introductory classes and open to all. (Please note that these are not ESOL courses for English Speakers of Other Lagueages).

Commitment and rewards

The rewards for studying English and maths are high and could result in better job prospects and higher pay. However, it is hard work and requires commitment: we expect all learners to attend every class and do homework every week so you need to set aside an appropriate amount of time.

If you have GCSE English you will, on average, earn 6% more during your lifetime than someone who doesn’t. You will also be 7% more likely to find work.

If you have GCSE Maths you will, on average, earn 15% more during your lifetime than someone who doesn’t. You will also be 10% more likely to find work.

You are twice as likely to earn more than £7 per hour if you have English and Maths GCSEs.

(Source: Labour Force Survey ONS Aug. 2014)