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Powerful poem by Foundation Studies student

18 June 2021

One of our Foundation Studies students has written a powerful poem about being trans.


For the time being they'd like to remain anonymous, however they're very happy for the poem to be shared, helping other young people who may be going through a similar experience. 



I was born into the wrong skin,
but you are still my kin.


I am a caterpillar moving in its cocoon,
desperately trying to grow my wings.


I may not be what you call perfect,

my stomach is not stacked in the way you expect.


Deep down I want to be him!


I am too curvy in all the wrong places, the negative looks on all those faces.


I am a man!

I surrender, I surrender,
to the confines of your mold,
but I will not fold.


In the cocoon I wait,
the colours of pride,
my fate.

The more I scream,
the less it’s heard,
like a breeze through the trees,
I feel disturbed.


I may not be strong but I sure have power,
the same as my flag,
the Monica Helm tower.

Blue (Boys)
Pink (Girls)
White (They/Them)

I am not afraid anymore,
I am Trans,
Hear me ROAR!


My name is Robin,
and this is my time.

I will march forward,
now I am in my prime.