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Student Feedback - Learner Voice

At Bolton College, student feedback is important – we’re constantly looking for ways to improve college life inside and outside of the classroom, but we can’t do that without one vital ingredient - YOU! Your feedback is essential, so there are plenty of opportunities to have your say and get involved…


Become a Student Representative

Your voice will be heard loud and clear when you participate in our Departmental Learner Forums and the College wide Learner Voice Forums. These are interactive meetings with our friendly senior management team. It’s your chance to represent your peers and to address all aspects of College life – the good and the bad!


Become a Student Governor

Alternatively, you can take it to the next level and become a Student Governor. You’ll not only speak for yourself, but fellow students too, delivering opinions on all College-related issues. You’ll be invited to Governor meetings and learn exactly what makes Bolton College tick.  


Both of these roles are really important - you’ll have your say on college policies, facilities and services, whether that’s developing the Student Code of Conduct, or deciding what type of food we sell. You’ll be in the unique position of not only helping to shape the type of College we are now, but the type of College we are in the future. It’s likely that your voice will also be heard beyond the College, when you’re invited to listen to and engage in discussions with external speakers.


After one year as a Student Representative or Governor, you’ll be awarded a certificate that recognises your contribution to Bolton College and its students. This will be a jewel in your CV, allowing you to shine and impress universities and future employers.  


If you’re interested in contributing your voice or representing your peers, contact Caroline Hurst in the Student Services Centre at Deane Road or via email at