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Support young talent, shape the workforce of tomorrow and see how industry placements can benefit your business through the new T Level programmes. Our courses will get students ready for careers in Construction, Digital, Education, Childcare, Health and Science.

T Level qualifications will give students industry skills in their chosen areas. Alongside core English, maths and digital skills, students will also complete a 315 hour work placement with a relevant employer in a role directly related to their course.


Employer Benefits

• Bringing in fresh perspectives, new ideas, support for your business and up-to-date knowledge  

  from learners who are enthusiastic and currently training in your industry

• Prepare the next generation for jobs, Apprenticeships or high level study and training

• Experience greater diversity amongst your employees

• Allow your existing staff to mentor, coach and manage

•  Improve partnerships with education providers and play a role in influencing learning pathways  

   to meet the needs of your industry

• Reaching and developing talented students with a view to potentially recruiting them before

  businesses do 

How you’ll be supported

Bolton College will support you and stay in touch regularly in the delivery of your industry placement to ensure that everything is working well for you and the young person.


You will have access to a:

• Account Manager – you will have a designated contact at the College who will regularly

  check in with you and track the student’s performance and progress


• Careers Coach – will work with the student daily to help them learn specific tasks and activities

   in the workplace in ways they can understand


• Tutor Support – students will receive support and guidance from their course tutor, who will

  also help them to learn specific skills and knowledge, which they can implement in the



The difference between an Apprenticeship and an Industry Placement

Industry placements allow students to spend a minimum of 315 hours in a work setting and make up 20% of their course; the remaining 80% is spent in the classroom. This is different to an Apprenticeship, where students spend 80% of their time on the job and 20% in the classroom.


Employer Responsibilities

Employer responsibilities include:

    • Providing a safe working environment
    • Generating opportunities for students to develop their technical skills within your industry
    • Providing support, supervision and mentoring to the student
    • Making the student aware of policies and procedures within your business
    • Providing formal feedback on the student’s progress against their learning objectives


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