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Blaze a trail in Childcare and Early Years

Childcare Apprenticeships provide an exciting opportunity to work with children and young people, putting your creativity, patience and adaptability skills to practical use. Whether you want to work with pre-school, primary, high school children or families, there are many exciting prospects with a Childcare Apprenticeship.


So, what does a Childcare Apprenticeship involve?

You’ll be training in a childcare setting, caring for children with supervision, ensuring they stay healthy and happy. You’ll be involved in supporting their physical and emotional development, so a whole lot of your job will involve playing with children. Your Apprenticeship could lead to a career as a:

 • Nursery Worker
 • Care Worker
 • Early Years Teacher
 • Assistant Youth Support & Community Worker
 • Nursery Supervisor
 • Nursery Teaching Assistant


Once qualified you could expect to earn between £14,000 to £30,000, depending on the route you choose to take.


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If you'd like to continue studying after your Apprenticeship, you could progress to a Health & Social Care programme at the University of Bolton.

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