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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some frequently asked questions about applying for a course and studying at Bolton College.

  • Term dates

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    When do we finish college / go back?

    You can find a list of our term dates here.

  • Timetables

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    Which days will I need to come to college?

    Full-time students will be issued with a timetable by your tutor when you first start college which will tell you the days and times you need to attend.


    Part-time students can find out class-times and dates by downloading the relevant course guide.

  • Applying for a course

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    How do I apply?

    If you’re a school leaver, or under 19 and considering a full-time course, please fill out an application form.


    Some courses for students aged 19 and over require an application and formal interview, some just need an informal interview and others you can just enrol on without speaking to anyone. Please check our latest brochure for more information on the course you are interested in.


    How do I enrol?

    If you’re a school leaver, or under 19 and considering a full-time course, you will be sent a letter to tell you when to come into college to enrol – usually in July or August. You will need to bring your GCSE results with you.


    If you’re an adult (aged 19 and over), you will need to enrol in person at any of our centres. You’ll need to bring your payment, and if you are intending to claim any fee remissions, you will need to bring the relevant evidence (see our course brochure for more information on what evidence is required). You will also need to bring evidence of any prior qualifications to enrolment.


    Click here for this week's enrolment times.

  • Admissions process

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    I’ve applied – how soon will I hear back?

    Your application will be acknowledged within three working days. After this it may take up to four weeks to process your application and invite you for an interview.


    I've got a date for my interview, how do I know what time to come in?

    You can book an interview slot that suits you. Your invitation will include details of how to do this online, or you can call Admissions on 01204 482 181/195.


    Why do a I need an interview?

    We interview you to ensure that the course you have chosen is suitable for you and that you are suitable for the course.


    What happens at an interview?

    At the interview you will meet with a tutor from the course you have applied for, who will discuss with you:


    1. Why you’ve chosen that course
    2. How you work in a team
    3. What your career aspirations are
    4. How you did/are doing at school
    5. Any health issues or learning difficulties/disabilities you may need help with
    6. How your parents/carers feel about your choice of course

    The tutor will also go through the course with you so you know what’s involved. You should bring any school reports or portfolio work you have with you.


    What should I wear to an interview?

    The dress code is smart casual or school uniform.


    What is a conditional offer?

    A conditional offer is when you are offered a place on the course as long as you achieve certain criteria, such as getting a particular grade in your exams or securing a work experience place or attending one of our Taster Courses.


    If you don’t meet the conditions, you will probably still be able to study with us, but you might need to take additional classes alongside your course, or start your learning at a lower level.


    If this happens, don’t panic, just get in touch with Student Services on 01204 482 182.


    How do I contact admissions?

    You can reach admissions by phoning Student Services on 01204 482 182. If you are ringing to check on progress of your application, please allow four weeks to have passed before contacting us, as we may be about to get in touch.



  • Paying for your course

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    Can I get help with course fees?

    Students under 19 don’t pay any fees. If you are aged 19 or over, you may be able to get help with the costs of studying at College through loans or bursaries. Click here for more information on financial help.


    When do I pay for my course?

    We take payment when you enrol on a course. If the course is over £100, you can usually spread the cost of it over six payments but you will still need to pay something when you enrol. If you plan to do this, please ring ahead to check the information we need from you as you will need to bring your bank account details such as sort code, bank account name and number.


    Is there any other funding available? 

    You may be able to get help with childcare costs depending on your age and financial circumstances.


    We also provide College bursaries and learner support funds, which can help some students from low income households with costs such as travel and equipment. 


    You can download the Student Financial Support Policy which is relevant to your age group from our  financial help page.

  • Support

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    I need help with my studies! what support is available?

    We have an extensive support team, who can help students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.


    We also have Student Mentors who can help students who might be struggling with the demands of their course or who face problems at home.


    Our Student Services Centre includes staff who can offer Careers  and Finance Advice and Counselling.  


    You can contact any of these teams on 01204 482 182 or by coming in to our Deane Road Campus during the week.


  • Apprenticeships

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    I’ve heard about Apprenticeships but don’t really understand how they’re different to a full-time course.

    Studying an Apprenticeship at Bolton College allows you to earn while you learn. You will usually work full-time but come to college for one day a week however, each Apprenticeship is different. Your job could be local in Bolton, or you could work in Greater Manchester or Lancashire and come to college here.


    To find out how to get started, click here to read our How to Secure Yourself an Apprenticeship Brochure and find out what Apprenticeships we offer. You can also browse our list of Apprenticeship job vacancies.


    What can I study an Apprenticeship in?

    Bolton College has a wide programme of courses. You could study an Apprenticeship in Accountancy, Barbering, Brickwork, Business Administration, Carpentry & Joinery, Catering & Hospitality, Childcare, Computing & IT, Customer Services, Domestic Heating, Electrical Installation, Gas Installation, Hairdressing, Health & Social Care, Management, Motor Vehicle, Painting & Decorating, Plastering, Plumbing, Roofing, Slating & Tiling, Sports or as a Teaching Assistant. See our Apprenticeships pages for more details.


    How do I apply for an Apprenticeship?

    You can apply using the application form - click here.


    You need to have an employer to study an Apprenticeship. If you don’t already have a job, please download the Securing an Apprenticeship brochure from our Getting Started page or browse our list of Apprenticeship job vacancies.

  • Changing course

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    I don’t like the course I’m on.  What can I do?

    Every year, some students start a course and find that it’s not right for them – they might find the workload too demanding, they might have had different expectations of the course or they might hear about another course from their friends which sounds like it will be better for them. Occasionally students find it hard to settle in and make new friends at college and don’t want to attend their course anymore.


    If you feel that you’re on the wrong course, or are tempted to drop out of college altogether, please come and speak to our Student Services Centre at Deane Road, or call us on 01204 482 182.  Bolton College has a Matrix accredited Information, Advice and Guidance service to help you to choose a course, or another option, whichever will be best for you.

  • Higher Education

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    I want to go to university,  do I need to study A-Levels?

    No, not necessarily.  Our BTEC Level 3 courses are equivalent to two/three A-Levels and can give you the number of UCAS points you need to study at university.  If you are not sure which of our courses is best for you, make an appointment with our Student Services Centre at Deane Road, or call us on 01204 482 182.


    I need a degree to boost my career prospects / help me get a new job

    If you’re an adult returning to learning and want to study for a degree, our Access to Higher Education courses could prepare you for higher level study.


    We also offer a number of subjects at HNC, HND or Foundation and Degree Level for people over 18.


    If you’re looking to study in over seven areas, our Higher Education pages can help you.



Did this section answer your question? If not, you may find answers elsewhere on the site; you can use the site search bar at the top of the page to look for key phrases.


If you still require information or assistance, please contact or ring 01204 482 000.