Bolton College
Support & Advice

Speaking to an Advisor

Our Apprenticeship advisers can answer any questions you may have and will encourage you to think everything through. Some have gone through the Apprenticeship route themselves and are used to handling all sorts of queries or concerns.

Identifying ‘what kind of job you want’ will help you to choose which Apprenticeship is right for you. Bolton College offers over 20 different course options to choose from. If, for example, you enjoy working outdoors, then you might want to choose an Apprenticeship that lets you do that. It’ll also depend on things like your personality, your interests and hobbies, and most of all your talent and skills.

Take your time, talk to people you know or to help you make up your mind, contact companies directly to see if you could get some work experience with them. This way you can find out what the job would be like – and it can improve your chances of success.

You can also visit the Apprenticeships website to find out more information, read the FAQs and see some more case studies taken from across the country.

Support During Training

Bolton College will work with your employer to make sure that your training meets your personal requirements, offers the skills needed for the job and satisfies national standards. They will also be there to help or advise you through any difficult times.