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Remembrance Day 2020

9 November 2020

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Remembrance Day is going to be very different this year, so Bolton College’s Public Services students have commemorated the occasion with a moving video which you can watch here.


The students, training at the College to enter a number of the uniformed Public Services, including the Armed Forces, Police and Fire Service, showed their respect with a drill command on the College grounds, overseen by ex-army veteran and Public Services tutor Trish Pickles.


The College’s Vice Principal, Mark Burgoyne, lent his voice to a recording of the ode to remembrance, ‘For the Fallen,’ by Robert Laurence Binyon.


Mike Bruns, Curriculum Leader for Sport, Public Services & Sciences said: ‘In College, we usually mark the occasion by coming together and observing a minute’s silence.


‘Owing to lockdown, it’s not been possible this year, so the students decided to do something a little different with this video.


‘It’s important that as a College, we take a moment to commemorate those who have given their lives in our armed forces, and show that we remember them and thank them.’