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Here at Bolton College we have a professionally equipped studio theatre that can seat up to 100 people on a retractable tiered seating block. The studio is fully resourced with state of the art sound and lighting including digital desks and 48 lighting channels on the rig and at stage level.

The theatre's fifty plus lights include Fresnels, Parcans, Spotlights, Floods and four moving lights. There is also a Zero88 Orb lighting desk.

The recording studio is fitted with industry standard sound proofing foam, a 2 and a half inch metal door and 6 inch double glazed window to reduce disturbance to both fellow students and staff and the performer.

Using a 12 input Yamaha mixing desk we can simultaneously record straight onto a Mac and edited through Pro Tools, another industry standard piece of equipment. From there we can mix and edit any recording together to create the perfect track, voice over, vocals, interview. A 6 amp head allows multiple headphones to connected at one time, also increasing the number of performers that can record.

4 microphones, ranging from a MB3k to an SB200 can be used for a variety of recording styles and tones. We also boast a full Sennheiser drum mic set up for live drum recording.

We have a 3 amp playback system to enable live sound replication, playback tracks, and for live instruments.

The recording studio is linked to a classroom with midi inputs that can be recorded straight across into the recording studio.

The two dance studios are equipped with sound and have sprung wooden floors, mirrors and ballet bars.

The venue can be booked for theatre, dance and music, and for presentation or lectures. Should you require a technician, booking will be subject to their availability. To make an enquiry please click here to email Ed Lewis.

For information on the accessibility of the Theatre, please click the button below for information from DisabledGo.