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Bolton College Transparency Information

The College is required by the Office for Students (OfS) to provide transparency information about degree attainment data. However, as Bolton College did not offer level 6 provision in 2019-20 this table is not relevant at this time.

Table 1a:  Percentage of classified first degrees at grade 2:1 or above by characteristic for 2019-20 qualifiers


Please note that the information in the tables below does not relate to our higher national qualifications or degree levels which are delivered by Bolton College with students being registered through the University of Bolton.   Information on the University of Bolton Transparency 2021 return is available at University of Bolton Transparency 2021 information and this will include those courses delivered by our College.

The information below pertains to a small number of level 4 and level 5 courses which are classed as Non Prescribed Higher Education.  As the number of students studying Non-Prescribed Higher Education was small, these numbers have been suppressed as they do not meet the required threshold set by the OfS.


Key for tables below:

  • N/A – not applicable as no qualifiers at this mode and level;
  • N – 24 or fewer students in this population;


Click here to download the Transparency 2021 information workbook overview


Transparency 2021 information: Attainment of 2019-20 qualifiers

Provider: Bolton College (UKPRN: 10000794)

Table 1b: Detailed information on attainment for 2019-20 qualifiers.


Rounding and suppression

The data contained in the tables in this workbook have been rounded and suppressed as follows:


  • Numerators and denominators have been rounded to the nearest 10. Where the numerator or denominator rounds to 20 or less, the data are suppressed with an "N".
  • "N/A" is displayed where there is no provision in a given mode or level